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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wedding and Holiday In Devon

I haven't been on this blog for quite a while. Infact, almost a month. For one good reason; Carol is on holiday from Milton Keynes Academy. We have been down to Devon for my daughter, Chloe's, wedding at the village of Ipplepen. We drove down on the 2nd August and the wedding was the next day. We stayed in Ilfracombe and we stayed in a John Fowler Holiday Park. We were there for the rest of the following week and came back home on the Friday. We went via Bournemouth so that we could visit Carol's parents who live there. We had intended originally to meet up with them in Salisbury on the way down but they couldn't get there much before 12 midday and we wouldn't have had enough time with them to make it worth while as we had to be in Ipplepen that evening to meet Chloe and see the church and then drive on to find the holiday accomodation in Ilfracombe. As it turned out it took longer than we had anticipated to drive across Devon to Ilfracombe. Infact it took us over 2 hours, by which time it was dark and it took us even longer to find the holiday park. The following morning we left at around 6.45 to drive back to Ipplepen but found a far quicker route as we had to be there for 10.00. The wedding service was at 12.30.
It was great that there was a swimming pool on the holiday park site. We had made sure we had bought our swimming costumes with us and it was nice and relaxing to swim. I haven't been swimming since having my heart attack. We have, since returning home, joined the local DW fitness club near the  Milton Keynes football stadium and joined up with membership. It has a gym as well as a swimming pool and there are two Jacuzzis. We went for a free tester session and did around 8 lengths of the pool, but we spent quite a long time in the jacuzzi and came out feeling really relaxed.
We visited a couple of National Trust properties when we were in Devon, one was Arlington Court and the other was Castle Drogo. This was in the process of being restored and it was very interesting to be able to see this being done, particularly how they were restoring a property which had been left to deteriate considerably. 
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