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Monday, September 09, 2013

New Neighbours

I've mentioned our neighbours on here before. Not necessarily for good reasons. Normally they made a lot of noise. Banging. Hammering. Sawing. You name it.  Some people seem to live in a sort of bubble, with themselves in the very centre, and no matter what they do, whether it's loud music, hammering, sawing, or other noises produced by them doing D.I.Y., they just don't seem to realize that they might possibly be causing someone else some distress, particularly when you want rest and quiet, particularly at the weekend. Our dogs have been bothered (if that's the right word.) by their dog. A rather large Staffordshire Terrier. Kept within the confines of the garden and (apparently) never called in to the house. Loud voices from the son of the house (who goes to The Academy so I have to BE CAREFUL what I say. Prone to bad behaviour and has been excluded on quite a few occasions.) The last incident with The Neighbours was when the Man of The House was mowing the lawn. Or at least, attempting to do so. I could see most of this from the bedroom window, but I didn't make it too obvious that I could see. He started the mower, a petrol-engine model, but it obviously wouldn't start. He attempted to try  several times and each time the thing wouldn't run for more than 30 seconds. But when it did, there was smoke coming out of it and filling their garden, ours and most of the other gardens along the street. A really noxious smoke that would have killed most of the wildlife for a mile or two around. Most people would have given up, but no, he kept on. I think the thing needed an oil-change or some more  oil putting in the engine. Anyway, the thing was in a poor state, to produce so much smoke. 
Anyway, to cut a long story short, or shortish. There has been a lot of toing and froing for the past couple of days. Another incident, him breaking up wood into small pieces, the noise of which was driving us to distraction. Why? What? Clearing up the rabbit cages and other odd items in their garden (as I could see most of this activity clearly from our bedroom window.) Noise causing us real misery, and we just wanted to get away from it. One of the reasons we went to Oxford on the bus last weekend, as mentioned in earlier blog post on here.) Also, strange that there had been painters re-painting the outside of the house when we came back from shopping the other week and wondered why.
It all makes sense now THEY HAVE MOVED HOUSE!
On Friday we went for a swim at the gym after Carol finished work. When we got home there was a removal van outside the neighbour's house and new people moving in. So, are we relieved? Hopefully no more extraneous noises, hammering, sawing etc at odd hours or child making noise on computer (generally quite bad language associated with this.) and no more bother from their dog. I'm not sure our dogs will be disappointed but we now discover that the new neighbours have two CATS! Poppy, our Westie/Schitsu cross, absolutely HATES CATS, and only realised there was  one on the roof of the shed until she went out when she went into the garden yesterday afternoon. The cat soon disappeared when Poppy barked at it, but Alfie, our Yorkie, is not so sure because I don't think he's seen a cat. So, these cats will have learned by now to keep well clear our our garden otherwise they will land up as dinner for one or other our our dogs!
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