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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

More of the Persistent Cough

As mentioned in an earlier post, we have both had to endure a really persistent cough. So much so that Carol had to stay off work for well over a week. Mine started the week of Half-Term, which was unfortunate as it meant we couldn't go out and about as we would have done under different circumstances. On the Thursday I went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics and a week or so later, having returned to work, Carol was more or less forced to make a doctor's appointment and was similarly put on the same antibiotics as I was prescribed and given a sick note which signed her off for a further week. Even now we still have the wretched cough which won't shift and some nights we wake and I often start a quite unpleasant coughing fit which is generally started because I'm lying down. We are currently taking cough linctus to attempt to alleviate the cough but I also find that my ears are blocked up also which doesn't make things any earlier. I seems that this ailment is going the rounds as Carol has told me that quite a few people at the Academy have been off sick with it. It's not like a cold, which you now will be relieved by taking some medication, keeping warm, and is usually associated with a raised temperature and runny nose. This cough just continues unabated, any amount of nose-blowing won't shift it and there is no raised temperature and i generally feel fine. We just hope it doesn't continue for much longer.
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