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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Calmer Weather

Well, today is a good deal calmer on the weather-front, thank goodness. The sun is out and it's almost spring-like. The wind and rain of the past few days was beginning to get very wearing. The wind particularly around here was very strong and there was the possibility that the rest of the fence was going to be torn down.

No word as regards a landlord visitation. The house is exceptionally clean and tidy and will remain so. We don't expect them to do an inspection now. If they were coming on Saturday then they would have to inform us at least a week in advance so, as today is Thursday, it's too late for them to visit now. They did the same a year or two ago, said they were going to inspect the house and on the arranged day they didn't appear. 

I have had a refund of my money from Milton Keynes Arts Centre for the cancelled creative writing course. I had to ring up just to find out what was going on. Hopefully the course will be back on in April. Just a shame it was cancelled when it was.
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