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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surprising response in Amazon email

I had a rather surprising email from Amazon a day or two ago. Carol and I wanted to buy a couple of bags, one each, so that when we go swimming at the gym we can take our belongings with us. We decided to look on Amazon, which we use frequently and trust their service and there is generally an excellent range of items on there. Carol's bag arrived and it was quite a nice one with fairly sturdy construction and with a rather attractive flowery patter all over it. Then mine arrived and it was a bit of a surprise to find it came in an envelope which fitted through the letter-box. I was even more surprised when I opened the package to find this rather weedy, thin hold-all bag, not particularly well made and made of thin material. We decided to keep it as it didn't cost much more than £5. I suppose you do get what you pay for. 

A week or two later I got an email from Amazon asking me to comment on the item I'd purchased from them and give it a star rating, I think out of a total score of 5. They always do this when you buy from Amazon and it's actually quite a good idea to be able to read what other customers have written about the various products they sell. I decided to tell the truth and wrote the following review:

Not impressed with this item. Horrible cheap quality. Really flimsy and poorly finished. Threads not trimmed off and thin cheap material. Not up to the standard I was expecting. Still, for what I paid for it, what did I expect?

Then a couple of days ago Amazon emailed me to say that they couldn't accept my review as it didn't comply with their guidelines. The email was as follows:

Thank you for submitting feedback on your Amazon Marketplace order. We regret to inform you that your recent feedback has been removed.  While we highly value customer input, we occasionally remove feedback that does not meet our guidelines.  Please take a moment to review the details of the removal below. You may then choose to revise and resubmit your feedback. 

I don't intend revise the review because it was the truth. Does it now mean that the reviews that are on their website are fake? Are people not allowed to write reviews of products they sell that actually say how the products made them feel, for good or bad? It makes me wonder. I don't know whether I can now trust anything these reviews say and are they written just to give products good reviews? It wasn't offence or obscene or anything.
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