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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Landlord's Wife Coming To Inspect the House

We got another call from the agency, saying that the landlord's wife wanted to come and inspect the house. How is it, if I use the words 'landlord' or 'landlady' it conjurs up certain 'types'? I think of bed and breakfast land ladies of a somewhat battle-axe sort of nature, probably played by Peggy Mount, who made these sorts of characters her speciality, and landlords people than run pubs? Or is it just me?

Anyway, when they first rang and they said she wanted to come last Saturday, I told a slight untruth and said we wouldn't be in. Could she come the following Saturday? Well, by delaying things it gives us time to get the house cleaned. Not that it needs much cleaning, but still, some while ago we were supposed to get a visitation from them and they didn't turn up, so we wasted an entire Saturday. The woman is coming this Saturday. She had better turn up this time. Two can play at that game, I say. The house will be absolutely immaculate, so she'll have no cause to complain.

The car is now repaired. The mechanic I mentioned rang and said he could come and do the repair this morning so he turned up and it took no more than an hour to put the new clutch cable on the car and we'll pay him on Friday. Thankfully the car is now back in good working order so let's hope it stays that way for as long as possible.

It has been raining most of the day and we even had the central heating on as it's also been quite chilly.

I have managed to plot a new story and we also got the printer up and running and the last story I wrote has now been printed. I have done a quick proof-read and it seems relatively error-free although the end isn't very strong.
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