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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Torrential Rain, Thunder, Lightning and Frightened Dog

I've been doing quite a bit of writing today. I'm managing to get quite a bit down on paper. I had written a piece which is supposed to be part of my 'multi-strand' project. Trouble is, I have several notebooks so I spent some time trying to track it down. It was eventually located and I managed to get around a page and a half written.

I did two loads of washing. I know, it's pretty mundane, but these things have to be done. As it was bright and sunny earlier it seemed a good idea to get it all  washed and then pegged out on the line, but no sooner was it out than it clouded over. I thought I'd leave it as long as possible, but the rain started. I bought it all in and put it onto the clothes drier and meanwhile the second load was coming to an end. I don't understand the washing machine. Some days it can go through all the cycles in around an hour and then net time you use it it can take upwards of two hours. Anyway, it came to an end. Once it's finished and the spin had finished you then have to wait another minute or two before you can open the door. This is no doubt to prevent children putting their hands into the spinning drum and having a nasty accident (no doubt for adults, too, I should imagine.) But it's still annoying that you still have to wait. I took the wet clothes out and managed to peg them out onto the line. By now the sun was shining again. I kept an eye on the weather and it's began to cloud over once more. There were signs that it was attempting to rain, and then there was an almightily rain-storm so I flew outside with a clothes basket and pulled the sodden clothes off the line. Then, as I sat back down in my armchair to begin writing again there was an enormous clap of thunder. I found Poppy, our Shitzu/Westy cross dog clambering onto my knee as she is scared stiff of thunder. As I write this she is squeezed up against my leg and the arm of the chair, shivering and being very stressed out. She just needs some reassurance that the thunder won't hurt her and as I write this the thunder is continuing to roll and crash, with the occasional flash of thunder, but now the rain is easing off and gradually the thunder is fading away.
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