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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dishonest Rental Agency

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, we are moving over from renting our home from the rental agency in Wolverton to directly from the owner and landlord. When we  moved in around four years ago, having been to the charity Shelter and being told that, because we couldn't afford to pay an up-front deposit (around one month's rent) we could use the bond scheme run by Milton Keynes council. Which, in effect, meant that, should we move and not left the property in a fit state then the Council would pay the landlord. We have now found that this 'bond' only lasted for one year and it couldn't be transferred to the landlord. We have spoken to the agency and they are being very stubborn, presumably because they are now aware that we will be renting direct from the landlord. They no doubt will be loosing quite a fair amount tot commission for managing the property. Not exactly accurate as they really have done very little in terms of 'managing' the house. They have made up a certain amount of things such as the fact that the landlord would allow us to have dogs here. They were never told, neither were they told about the 'bond' with the Council. We had been told by the agency that the landlord was unhappy with the dog 'smell.' Again, untrue. Also, the state of the house's cleanliness. Untrue. When they came out the guy from the agency was keen that we get someone in to have the house cleaned. Would we like him to find someone through his cleaning company? No thank you very much, as no doubt it would cost us around £10-£15 per hour. A bit of a cheek. Never mind, we no longer need to deal with them, fortunately. As for the deposit, we hope to be able to pay something each month until it is paid.
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