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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Swimming at D.W. Fitness

We went to D.W. for a swim early this morning. I say 'early' but it was around 8.30 when we got there. It was great to not find it busy although we did our usual number of lengths and were sitting in the spa when a load of women arrived and started gathering in a huddle at the stepped end and were soon doing some sort of exercises to very loud music. Aqua aerobics or something. There is nearly always SOMEONE who has to swim up and down making a great deal of noise and splashing about and generally not caring much for anyone else in the pool. We are quite happy to swim quietly, rather in the manner of swans, gliding along quietly whilst paddling like mad under the water. Some people just like to be seen, or so it would seem,  and taking themselves extremely seriously. It's sometimes very difficult to keep a straight face and not burst out laughing. Never mind. I think the exercise is doing us good. There are two spa pools (jacuzzis or bubble pools) and they are not always in operation. Sometimes one or other is out of order (as one was today.) without water in, or else the staff haven't tested the water and so allow customers to use either. Also, the hot cupboard (as I like to call it.) or steam room, which is nice to sit in in silence. You go in there and it's so steamy you can never make out the other people sitting in there. There is tinkly music on but not always.This was out of order a couple of weeks ago, but today it was working.
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