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Friday, July 25, 2014

Rejoining Z.S.L. and English Heritage

We've rejoined two organisations we've been members of in the past, English Heritage and Z.S.L. (Zoological Society of London) We can now visit London Zoo and Whipsnade without having to pay. Having a year's membership of both means we now have somewhere to visit within a reasonable driving distance. It's around a 40-minute drive through Dunstable, down the A5 to Whipsnade and as members you can get in without queuing as you go through a special gate. We will no doubt have to have our photographs when we visit as they put these on your membership cards. Also, with English Heritage we've quite a few properties which are within a fairly short drive of Milton Keynes, such as Wrest Park, which is between Bedford and Luton on the A6.
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