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Monday, July 21, 2014

Testing the Bicycle

Having got the new bicycle assembled fully and the front brake connected properly I was keen to try it out. So we decided later in the day to take the dogs and walk along the Redway behind the house. As usual Alfie became quite difficult as we tried to get him on his lead. No end of yapping and noise but eventually we managed to get him harnessed and lead on and we got out of the house. I pushed the bicycle out and then rode towards the canal. I then rode through the estate on the Redway with Carol following with the dogs. I must say it took a while to get used to the gears on the Muddyfox but it rides well. I haven't risen a bicycle for years but it's great to have the freedom to ride the machine. We came across several other people with dogs, and some without, and as usual Poppy and Alfie did their usual being friendly act. Alfie, dashing up to everyone and getting in their faces, which must be very scary for some more timid dogs. I now need to get a bike lock for when I got to the city centre or other places to shop and need to lock up the bicycle. Also some sort of pannier-arrangement which would allow the carrying o items of shopping.
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