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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wheels and Water

We went to Asda early yesterday morning as Carol wanted to buy food for a 'bring and share' lunch at the Academy as it was the final day of the term and some members of staff were leaving. We managed to buy food for the evening's meal.

I do on-line surveys and as a result earn points which can then me redeemed for vouchers. I had three lots of vouchers due from separate survey companies and one more was due in the post. They arrived yesterday. I have noticed that our post seems to be arriving later and later. At one point the post came around 10-10.45 a.m., but latterly it has been arriving well past midday. A few weeks ago it came as late as 4.45 p.m. I cannot think why this is.  I have now received around £140 Argos vouchers in the post and have been to purchase a bicycle with them. It is a Muddyfox. When I went to the store I wasn't sure that the package with the bicycle in it would actually fit in the back of the car so I had to view it before handing over the vouchers. The vouchers had to then ben scanned individually through the till and 4 wouldn't work so the assistant had to ring a number to get them verified. Fortunately Argos has it's headquarters in Milton Keynes (we drive past frequently.) and this was soon rectified. On returning home I had to open the package and assemble the bicycle. The final part to be assembled was the front wheel.

Yesterday was the final day of term for Carol at Milton Keynes Academy. I drove over at 3.30 as she had a load of books in a pair of trolleys to bring home. It was then that we decided to go swimming at D.W. Fitness as it has been extremely hot all day and a swim would cool us down. It was certainly pleasant cooling down in the swimming pool and then sitting in the jacuzzi. 

On arriving home we got our meal ready after we'd attempted to finish off assembling the new bicycle but we need to find out how to set up the front brakes. Need someone who knows how to set it up correctly because I don't fancy riding it without brakes which work properly.
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