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Monday, September 29, 2014

New Thoughts on Novel

I have had some fresh thoughts on the novel. I have got enough bits and pieces of plots which I'v been developing for the past year or so without starting on new material. I think I will continue to develop those and see how they go rather than getting tangled up with something new and hopefully learn from the Tuesday evening course I started last week. I think he best I can say is I am hoping that I can 'unlock' some of the material and make it work for me rather than playing around with new material. Seems like sense to me somehow. I will have to go through the notes I have in my several notebooks and work from that.

Some while later . . . I have spent some time this morning having a look at some of the material I have written, and one longer piece in particular stands out a good deal more than the rest and that seems the piece that I should concentrate on more.  There is certainly no point in starting on fresh material when what I already have needs work on it.

I think on further reflection I would much rather write a really decent set of short stories than some poor, over-written, badly-plotted novel. I'm more concerned about STORY and the quality of the plot than some half-baked, long-winded piece that will bore the pants off whoever reads it.
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