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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

550th blog post: Sunny Start to October

This, for those who are interested, this is the 550th post I've written on this blog. Just thought I'd mention it. Not only that but I've been writing these posts for 6 years, beginning on 27th September 2009. It seems amazing to me that I have managed to keep these musings going, although I'm not so sure they are all particularly interesting. And it's been seen, or at least, according to Google's statistics, had 23, 430 page views.

It's the 1st October and it's as sunny and warm as it was in August. There's something definitely odd about it being this warm. On B.B.C. Breakfast early this morning the forecast said that this warm weather had something to do with the Gulf Stream and that it has moved north or something, but that the weather was going to break and we were going to have rain and high winds in the next couple of days.  

I'm busy currently ringing round trying to get a quote to have our car serviced. We went out in it the other Sunday, and as we went down the A5, just before we got to the roundabout for  Fenny Stratford and Dobbie's garden centre, we could see smoke pouring out of the exhaust. Other drivers in cars which were following us were keeping a wide berth and some were apparently signalling. I wasn't driving so I couldn't see, but, looking in the rear-view mirror I could see a could of blue smoke which appeared to be following us and most definitely was coming out of the exhaust pipe at the rear of the car. We got to the roundabout and pulled in near the garage next to the new McDonald's and looked at the rear of the car. The smoke had stopped even when we put our foot down on the accelerator pedal. The smoke seemed to vanish as quickly as it appeared. We drove back through Fenny Stratford and Simpson because Carol didn't want the embarrassment of driving with any more smoke coming out of the exhaust. We had intended driving through Woburn deer park as it was such a sunny morning, but the smoke from the car put an end to that. As a result I am looking for the cheapest quote from garages to have the car serviced, with oil change, filters etc etc. We also have a problem with the windscreen wipers as none are working at the moment. Anyway, the most expensive quote was £200 and the cheapest £85. 

Not going out at the moment because we have a grocery delivery coming from out on-line shop from Sainsbury's and it's booked to arrive between 11-12 this morning. They usually come quite promptly so there's not a lot to do apart from me writing this post.

A little while later . . .

I could have started a fresh post, but I didn't see the point. The Sainsbury's delivery arrived at around 11.30. As I was taking the delivery in and about to put it away, the telephone rang and I went to answer. It was Sainsbury's pharmacy. It seemed a bit of a coincidence that I was dealing with the Sainsbury's delivery, but never mind. Both Carol and I have our repeat prescriptions made up by Sainsbury's. You ring about a week in advance and they deal directly with the surgery at Beanhill. Then around a week later you go in and collect the ordered medications. It has gone very well for the last year or so. You have to remember to order so that you have enough medication to allow for them to make up the order. It seems something went wrong with Carol's prescription which I had telephoned in well over a week ago. The Sainsbury's driver had presumably gone to the surgery to pick it up and it wasn't ready. So I had to drive to Beanhill to get the printed prescription (which, according to the lady on reception, had only just been prepared.) then drive to Sainsbury's to get the order made up. I was surprised how busy it was as it seemed to be crawling with office staff who must have been on their lunch breaks. I bought a sandwich because I would have made something to eat after I had put the grocery delivery away. It just goes to show that it only needs one element of the system with the repeat prescription to go slightly wrong to cause a lot of other problems.
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