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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Foggy and Grey and Blocked Sink

Another dull and dreary morning with fog and rain. On top of that we've had problems with our kitchen sink for the past few days. The drain won't run away properly, which means the thing must be blocked up. I have tried using two products which you tip down the outflow and is supposed to break up the blockage but neither have worked. This is making washing up near impossible so we now have several day's worth of dirty pots, pans, plates and cutlery which is building up near the sink. Carol attempted to unblock things this morning before we went off to work. I was upstairs in the bathroom when I heard a loud clunk from downstairs and it turned out that she had hit her head when attempting to reassemble the plumbing underneath the sink and there was water all over the floor with the entire contents of the undersink cupboard all over the floor. With the shelf at an angle inside the cupboard. When we came back from church we had another attempt at reassembling the pipes under the sink but it's not an easy job. Unlike the old-fashioned system whereby there would be a 'u' bend sort of arrangement which had a nut you undid with a spanner to release any blockage that might have built up. Also, with all the pipes being made of fairly soft plastic you have to be careful that you don't over-screw the connections as they are liable to get 'crossed.' We went round to our neighbour's and Gary came to have a look and will come back later as he has to help his son in law with delivering something as they have a van booked. Don't ask me what they're using the van for and he wasn't sure what time the van was arriving. Just need to get this fixed so we can get the washing up done and cleared away. 
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