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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

600th Post! . . .And A Fall of Snow

Here we are, this is the 600th post I've written on this blog!

What marks this somewhat historic and some might even go as far as saying- awesome? Well, we woke this morning to find that there was a considerable fall of snow. Carol wasn't entirely sure that the Academy was going to be open so we went of the Milton Keynes council website and by around 7.15 there was a post which said that the place wasn't going to be open for the children until 9.30 and people who arrived by car weren't to use the main carpark as it was still not clear of snow and were to use the Woughton Leisure Centre carpark behind the Academy. I spent some time clearing snow off our car which had been on the drive all night. Quite a thick covering on the roof and the windscreen. But as we weren't driving over to the Academy it was somewhat unnecessary as it turned out. We walked over at around 7.30 and found the Redway was quite thick with snow and walked along with one of Carol's work colleagues. There is a good chance that if there is a further heavy fall of snow as the weather forecast suggests for the remainder of the day the Academy with be shut early. I suppose there is a safety issue with people slipping over and generally keeping people safe although I remember when I was at school we seemed to go in to school regardless of whether it was snowing or not.
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