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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Close Encounters of the Feline Kind

It was around 5.30 this morning that I went downstairs as I usually do to make our cups of tea when Alfie followed me. He wanted to be let out into the garden so went to the sliding patio door which I opened for him. I have a small L.E.D. torch which I keep on the table for this very purpose so that when it's dark I can see the dogs in the garden as there is still the possibility of either of them disappearing through  the gaps in what purports to be a fence. As Alfie ran towards the fence to the left I saw the black-and-white form of our neighbour's cat. Alfie ran towards the still form of the cat, somewhat unsure exactly what it was. I think perhaps he was still partially asleep, but then he realised what it was and began to bark aggressively, at which the prone form of the cat began to spring into life and bounded across the garden and over the fence, being angrily chased by the still-barking Alfie. I don't think he's been so close to either of the two cats. They have a habit of coming into the garden and sitting on the roof of the shed and peering into the window, with a look as if to say 'we know you can't get his if we sit here. Come and get us, if you dare!' Which only has the effect of setting both dogs off on a barking frenzy. You only have to say 'pussycat!' to Alfie and he's fully aware of what you're saying, very much in the same way that if you pick up either of the dog's leads he starts on his loud barking and getting quite aggressive as he knows we're about to go for a walk. Strange how he becomes a sort of Jekyll and Hyde type-character, his personality changing from quite a placid little dog into a raving little nutcase!

It was snowing quite heavily earlier this morning. Carol wanted to go to Tesco in Oldbrook as she wanted to buy a sandwich for her lunch as the canteen at the Academy seems incapable of providing decent snacks for staff or at least have any left when she gets there to buy something at lunch time.  It had slowed down considerably by the time we had driven into the Academy carpark for me to drop her off. Most of the snow from the other day seems to have thawed but there is some left behind. The car had a slight dusting when we first went out to drive away from the house.
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