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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Still Waiting for the Elusive Parcel

Well, the parcel we were expecting to arrive from Very didn't arrive yesterday. It was an entirely wasted day as far as I was concerned because I couldn't leave the house, which was somewhat annoying. It is supposed to be delivered by Yodel, and, according to their website, where you can track your parcel by inputting your parcel's number, it must have been put on the wrong van at some stage and went back to the company's depot near Manchester, but, having looked at the site this morning, it is currently in Northampton, so if all goes according to plan we should have our Vax steam cleaner some time today which means I can start trying it out and cleaning the house as arranged earlier. I was hoping, had it arrived yesterday, I could have got a doctor's appointment today because I need to have a review of my medication because when I picked up my last repeat prescription from Sainsbury's pharmacy last week there was a note attached to the package telling me that my doctor needed to see me regarding my review. I don't see that there is a problem but, being on   medication which is on repeat prescription you have to have it reviewed around every six months.

It's foggy out this morning. It doesn't look particularly thick, but foggy nonetheless. It was quite warm and sunny yesterday but by the evening the temperature had dropped, meaning we had to have the central heating on. I don't think we should complain as we are only just into February.
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