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Friday, March 06, 2015

New Car

Carol had a doctor's appointment at 3.50 yesterday afternoon. We knew it wouldn't be a sensible idea for me to drive over to the Academy to collect her, as there are always a number of cars in the road leading up to the entrance gate, driven by parents of children being collected from the Academy. They are not supposed to park there, but that doesn't prevent them clogging up the entrance and making it somewhat dangerous. Some people will never take any notice of any rule or regulation, however it might impact others safety. So I drove out of our drive and parked along the road near the postbox and waited for her to text me when she was coming out, which wasn't long. We got to the surgery in Beanhill and it wasn't too long before she went into the doctor's surgery. The results were back from her recent blood test. It now looks as if she is diabetic, which wasn't unexpected. We had to take a prescription for yet more medication into the nearby Cox and Robinson pharmacy to get it made up. Having done that we decided to go to a  used car trader's showroom in Dunstable which we'd discovered on the internet. On arrival, having found the place which is well and truly hidden just off the main Dunstable road, we were surprised at the number and quality of secondhand vehicles they had on offer. We have gone for a Peugeot 1007, green in colour and only 7 years old. It has doors which slide open which makes it quite unique as far as I can see. Has all the specifications we want including having enough space in the back to carry groceries when we go shopping as well as being able to take the cage for when we take Alfie and Poppy out for their walks at the various places in and around Milton Keynes. We managed to get the car trader to take our old Hyundai Atoz, giving us £100 which was much more than we expected to get and it also means we don't have to worry about getting the poor old car scrapped. Frankly, it would been a waste of money if we'd decided to get it repaired as it hasn't got much more life it in. Having looked at the engine the mechanic told us that it looked as if the head gasket would need replacing and that it had perhaps no more than 100 left before it went. So, having paid a deposit on the new car and doing all the paperwork, we went home and went to the  Kentucky Fried Chicken take-away restaurant near the MK Stadium because we didn't fancy cooking when we got home. I have to now sort out the car's insurance, which shouldn't be too difficult as all I have to do is ring Swinton insurance who we had used for the Hyundai and transfer it to the new car. When we go back to fetch the new car on Saturday morning the car showroom will have MoT'd the new car for us for a further year and at the same time pay for the car tax once that is done as you can't tax a vehicle without both insurance and MoT. 
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