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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Loan To Buy Car

We are now in a position to replace our old car which failed it's MoT last Saturday. Someone who works with Carol at the Milton Keynes Academy has lent us enough cash so that we can go out and buy a reasonably new car. We are very grateful to them as there was absolutely no possibility of us gaining a loan from anywhere such as a bank or building society, since our credit rating is so low due to the activity of Sam with our bank account.

We are now beginning to look for a replacement car and have been searching on the internet and have found several car traders who seem to have what we are looking for. As the old Hyundai Atoz cannot be driven after 10 days since it failed it's MoT we haven't got a lot of time to do the search as well as getting insurance and car tax set up on the new car. I will keep posting on this blog as things develop.
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