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Monday, April 20, 2015

Foggy Start To Monday

Monday morning starts with a foggy outlook. It seems the weather is doing it's usual thing and being different every day. From being sunny and pleasantly warm, yesterday was fairly chilly and overcast. So much colder that we actually put the central heating on for a few hours during the evening but then it was too hot, so I turned it off. You just can't win with the weather at this time of year. As the saying goes 'don't cast a clout 'til May be out.' How true. Thankfully I have now completed cutting the grass (I refuse to call it a lawn, as it's uneven and tatty.) but by the time I'd done it, over the past week in sections.) it will need re-doing as it's growing so fast. Is there no way you can slow down the speed of grass growing?

The other day, when we were out in the car, I think probably when we drove to Ascott on Saturday afternoon, we went over a bump or something in the road which set off an alarm. You get a little sound, an alarm or warning if you do the slightest thing wrong, particularly if the handbrake isn't off fully for example, and this 'peep' came on. We now find we have a small light which has come on in the driver's side panel on the dashboard. We've since found out it's something to do with E.S.P. and that it's nothing to concern us, but even so it is annoying that you can't always be sure what these sounds are warning you for. Just comes as a surprise when you now drive a vehicle which has so much computerised controls on board.
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