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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Road Re-Surfacing Chaos

We wanted to go for a swim at D.W. Fitness on Tuesday. Having picked up Carol from the Academy at 4.45 we drove towards M.K. Stadium (the gym is within the precincts of the stadium.) but we first got caught up in heavy traffic, caused by re-surfacing work on some of the Milton Keynes grid roads. There was a long tailback from the roundabout just beyond Oldbrook and then we had to put petrol in the car at the Shell station in Grafton Street. There was further traffic chaos as we neared the stadium and by the time we drove into the precincts of the stadium near the McDonalds and K.F.C. restaurants it was clear that there was going to be something going on within the stadium, no doubt a football or similar event so we decided it wasn't such a good idea to go to the gym after all, as it was likely to be difficult to get out when we wanted to leave so we thought it best to just go home and forget it altogether. Mind you, it's probably be a good idea to just grin and bear all the inconvenience of the re-surfacing of the roads around here, because there are paces where the condition of the road surface leave a great deal to be desired. They have patched up some of the road around Eaglestone, and in particular the gaping chasm that you encounter when you drive in from Saxon Street. It's a wonder that more people don't try and claim some sort of compensation from the local council because all the pot-holes must cause a great deal of wear and tear on cars as they drive over them.

We had another go at a visit to D.W. Fitness, but this time it was very crowded. The changing room was over-flowing and by the time we got into the pool there was a children's swimming lesson going on. A lot of noise from that. Then the jacuzzi was full up. The thought occurred that at such times as this they should have opened the second spa pool, which was closed and with the cover on. It may have been out of order or they hadn't done a water test before allowing people to use it. Also there were a lot of people taking over the pool. I sat in the hot room for a while but even that was over-crowded. We didn't stay too long and left after barely 45 minutes. Unfortunate timing for our visit.
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