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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weather Wet and Unsettled

After the past week or so of reasonably good weather, today it has changed dramatically. It's wet and over-cast. I just hope it improves before the May Bank Holiday weekend as we hope to go out somewhere. Who wants to be stuck indoors when you can just as easily be out visiting a National Trust property? Trouble is, if we do manage to go out,  everyone else will no doubt be thinking the same as us and wherever it is we end up visiting it's bound to be busy. We have several options as regards National Trust properties, all within an hour and a half's drive. Starting with Stowe Landscape Garden near Buckingham, which we haven't visited for a while. Waddesdon Manor, near Aylesbury, which we went to over the Easter period and found it crowded due to an event there for children. (see a few posts back on here.), Clayton is another which we haven't visited for a few years, not far from Buckingham and Stowe. Wimpole Hall and Farm is near Royston, Hertfordshire, and is actually one of my favourite National Trust properties. It would be worth a visit as the farm is good at this time of year as they're likely to have a lot of newborn animals at the moment. The last time we visited I remember the little piglets running about everywhere. Anglesey Abbey is just off he A14 just beyond Cambridge, although the last time we were out that way we got stuck in really awful traffic jams on the way to my brother Andrew's, who lives in Norfolk. Around four hours stuck in a traffic jam and then we decided to cut our losses and came home as the traffic was so snarled up. A whole day wasted. Ickworth House we visited much more recently and is even further towards Bury St Edmonds and is worth a visit. It is a quite spectacular house and they have a newish part open where you can see the servants quarters. There is something similar at an English Heritage property near Saffron Walden called Audley End House.

I managed to get the grass cut yesterday. Thankfully, because it had been cut only a few weeks ago, the grass wasn't so long and difficult to get the mower to cut and I got it all done in a couple of 'blocks.' The weather was fine and sunny yesterday, but if I'd left it, the wet weather today would have made it virtually impossible.
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