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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taking Car to Perry's in Bletchley

We had the car booked in at Perry's in Bletchley this morning to have the E.S.P. fixed. As I mentioned in an earlier post on here, we ran over a pot-hole a week ago when we went to Ascott and it set off an alarm and the E.S.P. light came on on the dashboard and every time you switch on the car you get the alarm come on. (E.S.P: Electronic Stability Programme. To help prevent sideways skids. Supposed to lock wheels so they rotate together or something. Not exactly sure myself how it works or what it does precisely.) The trouble is, the more sophisticated they make cars today, the more there is to go wrong. We had gone over to find Perry's on Saturday morning, as they are the main Peugeot dealers for Milton Keynes. The car had to be at Perry's for 8 a.m. We went to Asda early this morning (they are open 24 hours a day so it's really handy to get the odd item and so we bought sandwiches for our individual lunches and lasagne, salad and garlic bread for our dinner this evening.) The we drove to Milton Keynes Academy to deliver Carol to work and then a went home, took my medication and then went over to Perry's to take the car. Fortunately the roads weren't too busy, the sun was shining and arrived on time. The car signed in, and impressed by the service. Young lady checked the car to make sure there were not signs of damage, marks etc and then put label inside the car and covers on seats. I waited in the reception area and had a coffee and biscuits and watched B.B.C. Breakfast on the television and then was driven back home. On the way the driver had to take someone else to Caldecotte Lake Business Park and then myself back home. I am impressed by the customer service of Perry's. Anywhere else we'd taken the car I would have had to get a cab home, but will have to get a cab when the car is ready to be collected later this afternoon.
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