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Monday, May 11, 2015

Blog post number 640: Busy Monday Morning

This post is number 640. In the half-hour or so since Carol went off to work I've managed to 1) Finish cutting the grass 2) Hoovered the lounge 3) Put on a load of washing 4) Tidied some of the clutter off the bookshelf in the lounge 5) Cleaned the bathroom windowsill, sink and toilet. So it's time to sit down for a while and write this blog, go through emails and start on some serious writing. Just composing this is part of my writing.  I am preparing to rearrange the bookshelf as I have a pile of at least a year's worth of BBC History Magazine to file in the new racks we bought in IKEA on Saturday afternoon so I will have to take out some books and move the whole set of racks to the left of the shelf so that the magazines follow in chronological order from left to right, which makes more sense to what it is at present.

A little while later. 11.58 a.m.  I put out the washing from the washing machine. There is quite a breeze so it won't take long to dry, although it looks a bit overcast so it may rain. I have now managed to rearrange the bookshelf. It makes a good deal more sense and I should be able to find the magazines I want to read much easier. I pulled out the sofa as it is in the way of the second bookshelf and was surprised by the amount of rubbish that was behind it. I have removed some books which makes space for some of the least read books on the opposite bookshelf  and old  disposed with a load of old magazines which can go with the rubbish when the bin men come on Wednesday. Quite a successful morning's work. 
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