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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Macbook Decides to Open

Having had problems with this Macbook, which I use to compose these blog posts on, the confounded thing has now decided to open quite happily when I plugged it in to keep it charged up. I will still take it in for the free half-hour session at the Apple store on Tuesday morning just to have it checked out for a virus or whatever, but it is really quite annoying after all the problems I have had. Oh well, I just hope it remains in a working state.

We went to IKEA in Bletchley yesterday afternoon, Saturday, and bought two bedside cabinets as well as some magazine racks which I will use to file editions of BBC History Magazine. We came home and proceeded to construct the first of the cabinets and made up the second one this morning and both are in place either side of our bed. Carol gave Poppy a bath and haircut this morning which she desperately needed as her coat had become very shaggy and it was a wonder she could see out as her eyes were quite hidden under a fringe of hair. I mowed around half of the grass at the rear of the house (I can hardly call it a 'lawn' as it is such an uneven piece of ground.) and will attempt to finish the job off over the next week. I think the rain we've had over the past few days has meant the grass has grown quite considerably which lead to me getting out the mower.
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