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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Swimming and Bacon Rolls

We got to D.W. Fitness at around 8.25 this morning and found the swimming pool empty so it was really pleasant to be able to have the place to ourselves for at least twenty minutes until the children's swimming teacher came in. The steam room wasn't very hot so I didn't remain in there long and then went in the Jacuzzi for 10 minutes or so. Carol been swimming in the pool and came and joined me by which time the children came in to start their swimming lesson and the was getting crowded and the noise-level getting quite loud so we went out to get dressed and went to B.H.S. which is oposite the carpark from D.W. Fitness with the intention of having something to eat in their restaurant which was totally deserted when we arrived, no customers around, a  tray on one of the tables full of dirty plates and cups, the till umanned, all the food open to the public. We looked at the menu on the wall behind the counter and had decided we wanted bacon rolls or sandwiches and coffee, but no staff member came to serve us, but after 10 minutes a young man came out of the room behind the counter,  presumably the storage area. We asked for bacon rolls or sandwiches, which he said weren't available. He said we should go to Marks and Spencer, which was a few doors along the row of shops. We weren't exactly impressed by this response so we left, and on the way we went to a cash desk and told another member of staff that we had waited for ten minutes before the staff member came to serve us in the restaurant and then we went to the restaurant in Marks and Spencer where we were served very efficiently and had lattes and bacon rolls. On the way out of the store we bought some food items for this evening's meal and then drove home.
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