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Friday, June 12, 2015

Changeable Weather

The weather is playing fast and loose at the moment. It was really warm for most of today and then, just as I was about to walk over to the Academy to collect Carol at 3.30 this afternoon, the heavens opened and there was a really torrential rainstorm. I managed to do a load of washing this morning and had it dried, it having been out on the line in the garden and hanging out when the washing machine had done it's work, so the clothes were dried within barely two hours. So I decided to drive over in the car and took Carol's coat which was hanging up on the hooks in the hall. By the time I drive in through the gate into the Academy carpark the rain had virtually stopped so it seemed a waste of time getting the car out. It has been too warm to sleep tonight, which is why I am writing this. It has been too hot to sleep for the past couple of nights. Poppy doesn't like thunder but there was none which was something of a disappointment because I quite enjoy heavy thunder storms. I remember when we were planning our wedding in 2007 we decided we wanted some sort of decoration in the church and had seen some really nice decorations done by a lady who has a workshop within the grounds of Claydon. When we had ordered the decoration, we had to drive over to collect it a few days before the wedding day. On the way back we were caught in a torrential rainstorm which was so heavy we could barely see to drive the car, the rain was so heavy the windscreen wipers couldn't clear the running water fast enough. We decided to stop in a lay-by and had to sit and wait until the rain subsided before driving on. It was a sort of flash-flood which ran down the roadside and made a river out of the road. 
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