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Monday, June 15, 2015

Working on Story Ideas

I've been working on a brand new story idea I've had for some time. I have written the central section for this and had written an earlier section, but it hadn't worked quite how I had hoped and left it alone for a while. I have been reading some of Roald Dahl short stories, some that had been adapted for television and called "Tales of The Unexpected" which were produced by Anglia Television in the late 1970's- early 1980's. (Currently being shown on Sky Arts and available to download from Sky +) Also, I've started reading one of Patricia Highsmith's novels, "Strangers On A Train" and both these authors work have influenced to some extent my style of writing on this new writing piece. I rather like the way Highsmith has developed her central characters and also Dahl's humorous style. Both have a sharp wit and a black sense of humour which gives their work a sort of slewed sense of style, which I think will fit in with what I'm trying to achieve, hopefully lifting what could start out as just plain ordinary into something quite unique. Well, I do hope so. I have up-loaded some of my material to a website called Shortbread stories. I seem to have had quite a few people look at what I put on there, with only a handful of people actually leaving comments. Then it's difficult to tell whether people read all the way through the material, or whether they read a page or two then abandon reading. But at least it's being seen and read. Do go on-line there and have a look and read what I have on there as well as other peoples' writing. There is a lot of good stuff there.
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