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Thursday, June 04, 2015

New Fridge-Freezer Arrives

We had mobile phone messages this morning, bright and early, to inform us that our new Candy fridge-freezer would be delivered within the hour. It took us a while to get to the voicemail on my mobile, as we had to set up a P.I.N. number before we could get to the message. And by 7.40 the lorry arrived, just a few minutes after Carol left for work. The two deliverymen took all the packing and cardboard it was encased in away, which has saved me the time and effort of doing it myself. They lifted it in and put it in the space vacated by the old fridge-freezer and it's now plugged in and running. It will be a few hours before we can begin stocking it up with food. No doubt we will have to go shopping this evening. Unfortunately we couldn't have our early-morning cups of teas as the milk was off. We had stored milk in the old fridge, but it's obvious that it wasn't cold enough to prevent the milk going off. The new Candy fridge-freezer is considerably bigger than then old one, which is really great, meaning we can store more in it. I'm glad that they came so early as it means I don't have to sit around all day waiting for the delivery.
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