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Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Wash-Out

From being scaldingly hot to being chilly and wet, our summer is just being normal. I saw on the local B.B.C. television news last night that there was some quite severe flash flooding in parts of East Anglia over the past couple of days. Cars caught in floods on roads, for example. There was water running down the road outside our house, looking more like a river than a road. Just as well we stayed in yesterday and didn't venture out. I just hope the rest of the holiday isn't going to be the same. We'll just have to find something else to do that is indoors somewhere. I'm sure we can, such as visit art galleries and museums. Well, at least we haven't got to endure the awful noise from such things as the Daisy Carnival or whatever it was called which was at the Bowl a week or two ago. It was really awful. Although, mention of noise, our neighbour, or at least one of them, started up making some awful noise just as we were about to head for bed yesterday evening, drilling or something, so loud it would deafen you. I don't know what it was, some sort of drill. It didn't last long, but I can't believe people have to make so much noise at so late an hour and on a Saturday too.

It's not raining at the moment (9.45 a.m.) I was in the bathroom, just about to have a shave, and I opened the window to look out to see what the weather was doing. As I say, it wasn't raining. Just as I did so, a large lorry turned up and parked outside our house. It had 'Knowhow' printed all over it, on a  black background. It was from Currys/Dixon. Two men got out and proceeded to unload something from the back, using a rear lift. One of the men then took the item (it looked like either a washing machine or a cooker, wrapped in plastic sheeting, so I couldn't see properly what the item was.) on a sack barrow to the neighbour's house. I was just so surprised that Curry's, or any company if it comes to that, would be delivering goods on a Sunday. Although it's a good idea to actually deliver something when the customer wants it. No use when you are out or don't particularly want it delivered. Not actually a great fan of either Currys or Dixon's. There staff are generally hopeless. Only seem interested in selling large items so they get their commission. The last time I was in our local branch and we were looking for something quite low-priced, I think a coffee maker or something, the member of staff who came to help was totally useless and didn't go to find the price or something or even stock levels.

10.25 a.m. I'm sorry to say it's raining again. I didn't think the dry weather was going to last. It's certainly just as well we hadn't planned to go anywhere specific today.

7.05 p.m. All day indoors. It's becoming a bit boring. 'Stir Crazy' I think the term is. We sat through two episodes of "New Tricks" on the digital channel, "Alibi." We've always enjoyed this series. They weren't two of the best episodes, and it's clear why they aren't making any further episodes. I think ten seasons was very good and perhaps it had outstayed it's welcome. When cast members leave then you begin to wonder, will it ever be as good as it once was?

It's raining on and off. Our neighbour has been making more loud noises, some sort of drill. I can't think what he's up to, but if he goes on like this, he'll have drilled through into our kitchen. Our dogs don't like it, and who can blame them?

The day has turned out like the famous "Hancock's Half-Hour" episode, "Sunday Afternoon At Home" when Hancock is stuck at home with nothing to do. He even counts the raindrops running down the window. Classic television from 1958 and repeated at one time or another on the  B.B.C. digital radio station Radio 4 Extra.
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