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Monday, July 27, 2015

Early-Morning Swimming

We decided to go for a swim at D.W. Fitness this morning. We went somewhat later than we usually go, in an attempt to avoid the rush that you get at 8 a.m. People going in before they go to work. But even going around 30 minutes later than we usually go, it was busy, with several people ploughing up and down the pool. Some people make so much noise when they swim, and one woman, goodness knows what stroke she was doing. Looked like some sort of doggy paddle. Couldn't but laugh to myself, though. We have to put the car registration number in a computer at reception every time we go, because then if you are a legitimate user of the carpark as a gym member you will not get a parking fine, which is fine by me, I suppose it stops those who use it illegally. Why do people who are exercising have to look so serious? Just plain miserable. The same with those you encounter who are out jogging. It just looks painful. I managed around 20 lengths of the pool as well as five minutes in the hot room ('sweatbox' or 'drying cabinet' if you prefer.) It looks as if they've put new bulbs in there and the music (if you can call that repetitive noise 'music'. Well, it's better than nothing at all, I suppose.) We sat in the jacuzzi for 20 minutes. Carol had got in before me with a group of other women and she said there was one woman who seemed very bossy and was trying to tell the rest of the group how to use it, according to her principles. At least with Carol on holiday we can choose more or less when we use the gym. 
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