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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Swimming and Shopping

The summer holidays begin here! Carol is now officially on holiday from the Academy. Which means we don't have to get up quite so early each morning. It takes at least a week to get used to the idea. She told me that yesterday they had no actual training but instead did clearing up the classrooms ready for the new term in September. It seems a lot of the rubbish was caused by former teachers who have now left and they didn't clean up after themselves. Shameful. Apparently there are some schools in Milton Keynes which don't finish until this Friday. Milton Keynes Academy has a different sort of beginning and ending of their terms to the rest of the schools around here.

We went to D.W. Fitness bright and early. The roadworks near the stadium, as mentioned in an earlier post, are causing hold-ups as there are traffic lights to control the flow of traffic and we got caught up in quite a long queue. I suppose at that hour of the morning there will be people going to work. It's unclear exactly what is going on around there. It looks as if they are constructing another entrance to the football stadium campus, no doubt to allow cars to get in to the new cinema and restaurants which opened recently. 

When we got into D.W. Fitness's reception we had to put our car's registration number into a computer as it's to attempt to prevent non-members of the gym to park in the dedicated car park. No doubt they have a number recognition system on their C.C.T.V. cameras which will tell who is parking there illegally. 

The swimming pool was very busy and I only did a couple of lengths and then went in the steam room (or 'drying cupboard' as I call it.) It was far too crowded with people swimming up and down and we then went into the jacuzzi and spent around 20 minutes just enjoying the warm water and bubbles. Once we had come and and got dressed we returned home to have breakfast and then went out to Sainsbury's to do some grocery shopping. While in Sainsbury's we saw a somewhat suspicious character, dressed in black and with a hood down over his face and Carol felt somewhat nervous as he had a bag with him. She wondered quite unnecessarily that he might have had some sort of weapons in this bag. As you hear so many stories in the news about terrorists and what I would call 'loose cannon' gunmen who run amock, one does winder about someone who looked a bit suspicious. 

We picked up a repeat prescription of my medication from the pharmacy and finished our shopping. When we returned to our car in the underground carpark beneath the supermarket and were leaving we saw a group of policeman either taking off some of their protective clothing in the back of a parked car, which we thought was rather surprising and then, when we were out and driving back home along the grid roads we saw a couple of police vehicles, a police car and then a riot van. It seems as if the police might be out on some sort of exercise or about to raid a property, connected with drugs or something. Not quite clear, but it will no doubt come out on the local news.

When we got home I checked my medications and discovered that one of the meds I have was missing, isoborbide mononitrate. I have enough for a week or so, but it was a bit annoying considering I had supposedly ordered via Sainsbury's pharmacy. I immediately rang them, and I was given an apology, but I think it may be the Ashfield surgery because they have prescribed meds which I no longer use and had to send back. As the N.H.S. is supposed to be cutting back on waste, it seems rather strange that they prescribe things I no longer need or use.

I have mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a new piece of writing. I had the idea for the plot, and had written the central 'nub' of the piece, as well as some of the opening, although at the moment it doesn't work as I would have hoped. I have got a reasonably good idea how it will develop and I'm making notes. I find that, if a story doesn't work and I put it to one side and keep it, on the back burner, as they say, eventually the plot will come together. Infant, I have several story ideas that are in various stages of development. I should imagine that most writers would identify with this. It's surely better to have a number of ideas to work on and bring them out and work on them once plot construction has been developed. 
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