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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another Visit To Whipsnade Zoo and Loud Music

We went swimming early at D.W. Fitness yesterday morning. Unfortunately there are roadworks along the road near the foootball stadium. There were crowds of people going into the campus which is where the gym is situated (the opposite side near the shopping mall which houses Next, Marks and Spencer as well as the new cinema and a parade of restaurants which opened recently with an IMAX screen.) We couldn't turn right where we usually go as there was a man there making sure we didn't turn in so we had to drive on to the large roundabout near IKEA and come back on the other side of the road. There were even more people going into the stadium and a great many vehicles parked. We couldn't work out what was going on, but it turned out to be something to do with Jehovah's Witnesses. I'm not going to say any more about it, but presumably it was some sort of convention or something. Must have been a fair-sized meeting if they were using the football ground which has a capacity of quite a few thousand. We did eventually manage to get into the gym and park in the normal place which is reserved for members, but we have to now give the reception our car's registration number because some people are parking there who have no right to as they aren't members. From the gym we went to Marks and Spencer's and did some shopping before leaving for home

We had to endure the most appalling noise for most of yesterday. From something called the Electric Daisy Carnival, which was taking place at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes. There have been a few concerts held there over the past few years. Last year we had a really loud concert and a few years. Last year it was 'The Kings of Leon' and the year before that it was 'The Prodigy' and the language that came over the loudpeakers was quite appalling. I'm not a pop fan particularly, although there is some music I enjoy, but I see no reason on earth why we have to endure such loud music. We must live between 3 and 4 miles from the stadium, but the sound carries all this way. At some point in the evening, presumably when it's warm and the air is still, it's like having those speakers in the next garden to us. But yesterday you could hardly call it 'music.' Just his loud thump, thump thump! The noise was just awful and when it's so warm we had to have the windows open to sleep in our bedroom. It started mid-morning, when presumably they were running sound checks, and it didn't finish until 11 p.m., by which time we were tearing our hair out and wishing, in all truth, that we'd gone out for the day. The only problem is, had we done so, we might not have been able to get back into Milton Keynes because of the traffic. 

Today, Sunday, we visited Whipsnade Zoo again. After yesterday's traumatic experience regarding the loud music from the so-called Electric Daisy Carnival, we just needed to get out of Milton Keynes for a few hours. It has been a good deal cooler today, thankfully, but just the right temperature for a day at the zoo. We watched the 'Sealion Splash', which was highly entertaining. We have seen this before when we have visited in the past, but it's always worthwhile. We saw the 'Birds of The World' presentation a few weeks ago and when we come again we want to see the elephant presentation. We had something to eat and drink in one of the restaurants which I must say have improved considerably since we came a few years ago. In general they have managed to improve the facilities, such as the toilets and the shop.

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