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Monday, July 13, 2015

Rubbish Left After 'Electric Daisy' Carnival'

On our way back from our outing to Whispnade we went over to Hobbycraft at Rooksley as Carol wanted to buy a magazine on dolls houses. We looked all over the place within the store and could find nothing regarding the model-making of dollhouses. They have recently up-graded the store, which we visit regularly, and the layout has changed considerably. We could have purchased a magazine about dolls houses in W.H.Smith in the central shopping centre, but it was easier to park outside the store in the retail park rather than going into central Milton Keynes. We found the racks which contained magazines on a variety of hobbyist topics and there was a dolls house magazine, but not actually the one Carol had wanted. We had to queue up at the tills to pay and when we got there and asked the cashier where the dolls house bits and pieces were she told us that they were no longer available in any Hobbycraft store due to the fact that people stole the stuff. They were available, though, through their website. She even said that, it might be that Hobbycraft might close it's bricks-and-mortar stores and only have an on-line presence. Sad if that's the case. It would be awful if traditional stores were to disappear altogether, even though internet shopping is more convenient and easier. The only problem is having to wait for your order to arrive and the possibility of fraud.

We drove back home via Watling Street and then along Chaffron Way and past the National Bowl. We were absolutely horrified by the amount of litter all along the verges and on the side of the grid roads around the bowl, presumably left by the crowds who had attended the Electric Daisy Carnival  concert yesterday. It seems some people have absolutely no thought as regards their care for the environment or the fact that merely dropping their litter is just downright untidy and that someone is going to have to go and pick it up. If the promoters of such events cannot clear up after their concerts then they shouldn't be allowed to put on such events or else employ people to clear up the mess.
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