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Monday, July 20, 2015

Hair Cut, Story Development and Grass Mowing

I went to get my hair cut this morning at Essential Barbers in Monkston Park. As they open at 9.30 I always try to get there as early as possible so I don't have to wait. There was another prospective customer waiting outside and the same sign on the door saying that their chip-and-pin machine was out of order as it was the last time I had my hair cut around a month ago. So I went into the next-door  Co-Operative store and used their cashpoint to withdraw £10. As soon as they opened I was in the chair and having my hair cut by the nice lady who usually does my hair and I was surprised when I only had to pay £6 which is the O.A.P rate (not officially 65 until October.) which was a nice surprise.  As I was driving past Waitrose in Oak Grove, just off Chaffron Way, I decided to go in and buy a few items such as bread and things for our meal tonight. Always very friendly staff in there and excellent customer service.

I am continuing to watch the Channel Four drama series "Humans." It's at episode 6, so there's just two more episodes remaining. A lot of the 'loose threads' are being tied up and it continues to be a very thought provoking series and has definitely got me hooked. No news, as yet, as to whether there's to be a second series. There should be as apparently the ratings have been the highest for a new Channel Four series since they did "The Chamomile Lawn" in 1992. I remember watching it, a somewhat racy series adapted from a novel by Mary Wesley and starring Paul Eddington and Felicity Kendal.

I spent some time around midday mowing the grass. I shall continue to refrain from referring to it as a lawn, as it has as much resemblance to a lawn as it is possible to get. Very uneven piece of ground and the grass is more like the sort of grass you'd find in the average meadow. It would be gratefully eaten by a cow or two or even a goat. I haven't completed it as it's a really exhausting job but will hopefully complete it tomorrow, that is, if it doesn't rain, as it looks at the moment as if it might as there are dark clouds over-head.

Later . . . I was pondering whether I should wait and finish cutting the grass tomorrow, when I was overcome with the idea of finishing it this afternoon. So I plugged the cable back in and got the mower out of the shed and had the job completed within ten minutes or so. It's always with a certain feeling of 'job well done' when this sort of task is finished. I'm not over-keen on the job, but leaving it and just thinking about it isn't my normal mode of action. So, that job is now out of the way for a month or two at least.

I'm beginning to find how I might finish the story I began a couple of weeks ago. It now might possibly have more of an 'arc' to it and hopefully with a bit more work on it and a few more pages of notes I can continue with it once the summer holiday is over at the beginning of September. I must say I'm very pleased with what I've come up with but I'm certainly not revealing anything on here.
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