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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Patronising Bus Driver

We went to church this morning. We're not supposed to park at M.K.C.C. because there is limited space in the carpark. Unless you are a volunteer, as we have been, or disabled. Neither are you supposed to park in any of the streets around the church, in or around Strudwick Drive. Instead you are supposed to park at Milton Keynes College, which is just over the road and then either walk the short distance along the Redway, which takes on average a good ten minutes or get on one of the buses which are laid on and take you to and from M.K.C.C. All very good and we have done this regularly since we started attending M.K.C.C. around 5-6 years ago. But this morning we arrived in good time and there were two of the white busses waiting. They used to be green Plus Busses which I remember from working for Guardian Homecare and some of the people I cared for used these forms of transport as they are designed for the use of a wide variety of people, including those who use wheelchairs so there is a lift at the rear which means that anyone who has to use a wheelchair can be lifted up onto the bus and then the wheelchair is anchored to the floor inside by means of several locking devices which are quite difficult to use if you're not given instruction in their use and can be extremely time consuming to fix. So we both drove to park and the decided to get on the first bus. The driver was a woman we haven't met before. She was incredibly patronising. Did we need the steps onto the bus lowering? Well, of course not. She could see quite clearly that we were totally mobile and didn't need the thing lowering. Then when we got on and sat in the front seats she insisted quite categorically that we must fasten our seatbelt. Well, it's been a legal requirement for years now that you use seatbelt when driving a car or any passenger is required to put on seatbelts where fitted. But this woman was so patronising she seemed to be talking to us as if we had a mental age of around 5 or something or even had some sort of disability which was quite clear. we didn't. I had to make sure my clients when I worked in care were carefully strapped in, but most had a disability and might not have been capable of putting on a seatbelt for themselves. We felt quite offended by her attitude and might have left the bus and walked to church instead of putting up with this woman who had taken any health and safety training too far. Anyway, her attitude is enough to put us off every using her bus again and totally unnecessary. Really taking her duties too far. I think you have a right to not wear the seatbelt. I still maintain that, had there been an accident, with the bus hitting something in a forward motion, a seatbelt might cause more problems than it's supposed to solve and might be useless. Even more so if the accident involved a side-impact. Then, what if you are caught up in an accident and you can't remove the seatbelt? Might take the fire and rescue service some time to cut you free.
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