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Friday, July 17, 2015

Last Day of Term

Carol will be sighing with relief as today is the final day of the school term. Although she will have finished teaching, she still has to go in for two days next week, Monday and Tuesday, as she has got teacher-training, which, from what she tells me, is really very boring but unfortunately compulsory. There are quite a few people leaving her department, so we went to Asda bright and early to buy presents. 

The weather is very hot and clammy at the moment. Which is making sleeping very difficult at night as you need to have an electric fan on in the bedroom as well as having a window open to make a draught and circulate some air in the room. As a result we get the room full of insects, bees and flies in particular, and it means that the dogs can hear other dogs barking and it sets them off barking themselves. There was some lightening in the night and thunder, so I'm told, but I didn't hear it as I must have been fast asleep. I've been using flyspray in some of the rooms in an attempt to get rid of the buzzing flies. It's just annoying when you settle down to read or watch television to then get a lone insect flitting aimlessly against the glass of a window trying to get out or just flying around the room. I have to make sure that the dogs are out of the way first as I don't want them in the room when the place is full of the unpleasant spray. It doesn't smell as nasty as it used to at one time, but I don't like sitting in the room at the same time so I don't see why they should. 
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