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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Out For Lunch

We were invited to lunch by Carol's work colleague Lois. It has been another really hot day. We went shopping in Sainsbury's really early as we wanted to avoid the crowds you tend to get on a Saturday. It would appear that most people tend to do their shopping later in the day, generally the afternoon in most supermarkets. We managed to get in and out within an hour and got home and unpacked. We managed to have a better night as it wasn't anywhere near as warm as it' been for the past couple of nights. Then we drove over to Lois's home in Bradville as she had invited us to a barbecue in her garden. She goes to our church, Milton Keynes Christian Centre, but we go to the 9 a.m. service so we never seem to meet her. She is a teacher in the science department at Milton Keynes Academy where Carol also works as a science teacher. Lois wasn't in when we arrived. She had gone to the shops to buy meat for the barbecue we were having in the garden. Her daughter let us into the house. She then arrived and spent some time attempting to find the various parts of the barbecue which were necessary to get it going, some grill or something. It was excessively hot outside so we sat in the house drinking fruit juice. She eventually managed to find the bits that made up the barbecue and spent what seemed like a long time lighting the thing with paper and wood as well as charcoal. When it was at the right temperature they began to put the meat on and cook it. We soon at and ate the food and drank the drink whilst watching Wimbledon on the large flat-screen television (a good deal bigger than our set which we got over a year ago. We eventually left as Carol wanted to go to Staple's, the stationary superstore on the way home.
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