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Monday, August 31, 2015

Wet and Miserable Bank Holiday Monday

Rain and more rain. A typical Bank Holiday Monday. I feel sorry for Carol. She's back at work at Milton Keynes Academy. Two days of teacher-training, which she detests, as it's so boring. We've had to stay indoors for the past couple of days, being without the car as been bad enough, but the weather has made things even more miserable. Looking on the bright side, even if the car had been in good working order and we had been able to get out, the weather would have certainly put a damper on it. Her friend at work, Lois, has come back from Guyana, and has the name and address of a car mechanic who should be able to fix the car for us. Let's just hope that it's not going to cost too much. On Sunday we didn't get to church because we had planned to walk there as we did the previous week, but the weather didn't look too promising and we didn't fancy getting soaked if it should come on to rain, but we managed to see the first, 9 a.m. service through the internet, which was interesting, to say the least.

During the week we had another telephone call from Mr Singh, our landlord. He says we can expect  an estate agent to call to make an appointment as he's having the house valued/surveyed so as to have it re-mortgaged. It makes us wonder what on earth is going on. Are they going to sell the house? Does their son, who came last year when the house was inspected and at the time that Smart Move, the rental agency who originally 'managed' the house (if that's the right word. They did very little actual 'management,'which led to the landlord taking the work away from them because of their total lack of actual 'management'. More like incompetence. Makes you wonder how much they were earning for not actually doing anything.) wants the equity out of the property and it was handed over to the landlord for us to rent direct. Or, more likely, to raise extra cash to have the fence and other maintenance done on the house. Or is that wishful thinking on our behalf? It would be nice if they would just tell us exactly what is going on, so as to put our minds to rest.
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