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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Better Weather

The weather is a good deal better today, although, when I walked with Carol over to the Academy this morning, I was somewhat surprised by how chilly it was and had to go back into the house to get my fleece. I'm glad I bought this now, but was expecting to not be wearing it until well into the autumn or even the winter months. It seemed to be attempting to rain, but as the morning has progressed it has held off. As a result I managed to mow the grass as it seems to have grown considerably because of the recent wet weather. At least that is one job done for a while.

Carol rang a motor mechanic, who is a friend of Lois, a colleague of hers at the Academy. He works in a garage not far from here. He's coming to look at the car tomorrow lunch-time. We are appalled to hear that the repair may cost around £600. Not a lot we can do about this, but with the repair which was done when we were in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, we seem to be spending far more than we'd anticipated when we bought this car back in April or whenever it was. It's a bit of a lottery when you buy a second-hand car, and you can never guarantee whether it's going to be a good vehicle or require a lot of repairing, unfortunately. I know we had problems with the Hyundai Atos we had, but that was an old car and had a fair mileage on the clock, but we didn't seem to be forever having it repaired. It's just one of the disadvantages of owning a car, I suppose.
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