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Friday, September 18, 2015

Warmer Weather and Car Repairs

It's another of those strange autumn days when it seems that the weather can't quite make it's mind up. It's a good deal milder, but then it might suddenly change and we get a sharp drop in the temperature and even a slight frost. It was strange yesterday with warm and sunny in the morning but there was a slight hint of rain later.

Mick, the motor mechanic, has been to work on the car for two evenings. I think he's managed to get the part out which needs replacing. He's now on holiday for two weeks so we won't get the rest of the work done on the car completed well into October. Never mind, we've managed to do without the car for quite a while now so I'm sure a couple more weeks without it won't do us much harm.

I'm feeling a good deal better. The cold and cough have more or less gone, but I have been left with a really uncomfortable chest. Not pleasant, particularly when I've had a heart attack and it's a similar sort of feeling. I think it's caused by the incessant coughing. It's much better this morning. Hopefully by Monday it will have cleared completely. Exertion such as walking any distance does tend to set it off but rest relieves it somewhat.

We are still waiting with bated breath regarding the landlord sorting out the fence. No word regarding having the house surveyed. Someone came to do this around two weeks ago. Also, the gas boiler needs a safety check. It's a legal requirement, and it hasn't been done since the landlord took over the running of the house from Smart Move. If it's not done soon we will have to get it done ourselves and certainly before the winter months and the weather gets cold and we need to have the central heating on for any length of time.
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