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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Car Newly Repaired and Roadworthy Again

Mick and his son came at around 10.15 this morning and spent most of the morning finishing off the work on the car and giving it a service. By 1.50 they told me that it was finished. One of them drove the car round the estate just to check that all was in order. It was great to have the car back on the road after over eight weeks. Once they had left Carol said she needed to drive the car but when she give the ignition key a turn the car refused to start. I had been washing up at the kitchen sink and could see that the car hadn't started and so went outside. I could smell a strong smell of petrol. One of our neighbours had been out working on his car and said it most probably be the petrol line had not been connected properly, It turns out he's a motor mechanic but on large lorries and engines. He had a look under the bonnet and managed to re-connect the petrol line and wiped some petrol which must have come out. It was that which gave the strong petrol smell which I smelt when I came out of the house. He said we should leave the car for an hour or so otherwise the petrol might cause a fire. After an hour Carol was determined to go out for a drive just to try the car out so we drove up the A5 towards Towcester so we could shop in the branch of Tesco there for items for her lunches she takes to work each day. The car seemed to run perfectly. I think we were pleased to be able to get out and about again and we're planning outings for half-term which is in two weeks. One to Whipsnade and one no doubt to a National Trust property such as Waddesdon Manor or Stowe Landscape Garden which are within a half-hour's drive from Milton Keynes, or maybe a return visit to Woburn Abbey, which is always worth a visit.
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