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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Car Sliding Door Fault

Our car is a Peugeot 1007 Dulce. It has sliding doors, which are operated from the outside using the remote key-fob. This fob has three buttons on it, one each for driver's side and one for the passenger side doors as well as one for central locking. It's also got buttons inside to open each door separately when you are sitting inside. Each door has manual over-ride handles on the outside and inside, but it's important to not use these except in an emergency.  Generally the doors cause no problems at all, but since the car has been repaired (as mentioned in the past couple of blog posts on here.) the driver side door has not opened with the key-fob. Yesterday morning I decided to drive the car out just to get a feel of it again after over eight weeks off the road. I went to Curry's/PC World the other side of Milton Keynes (which, incidentally, was in the process of being re-fitted. They have now merged with Carphone Warehouse and the store is having a revamp to no doubt have a Carphone Warehouse department within it.) Having parked the car I went to open the door and it wouldn't open. I had to get out of the car by climbing out through the passenger-side door. We have been on-line and found out how to reset the door, which I assume has been confused by being opened manually. In other words it's got out of sync, so when you use the remote it's doesn't know which is 'open' or 'close.' Just a bit of trial and error should get the sliding door on the driver's side back to normal. Keep reading this blog for any updates on this matter.

Having had the car off the road for so long, it's really annoying to now have this slight problem, but I'm sure that it will resolve itself given time and patience. These things do happen, and particularly when you have a computerised system controlling the car.

A little later. I drove into Sainsbury's a little later, and the doors were working perfectly. Whatever was wrong has apparently resolved itself. So hopefully that is the end of that problem. I was thinking that, after all that we've paid out for car repairs, we aren't going to surely have to spend more on having these doors repaired.
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