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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rare Meal out . . . and Grandchild is Born!

We went out for a meal yesterday evening. Quite a rarity I have to admit. It was to say goodbye to a member of staff who works with Carol in the science department at Milton Keynes Academy. It was at Byron, a new burger restaurant which has recently opened in the Central Shopping Centre in Milton Keynes.  As it was after 6 p.m we knew that we could park free, fortunately. We were scheduled to arrive at 6.30 and when we had parked the car near the library we weren't entirely certain where in the shopping centre this restaurant was. When we got there we found the rest of the team already sitting at the table. The place was not very busy, considering that it was early on a Friday evening. The member of staff who was leaving hadn't arrived, so it was a bit like Hamlet without the Prince. (I'm sorry, I forget her name, which doesn't help.) She kept phoning and texting, saying that she was having trouble with booking a taxi. She said that the taxi-driver didn't know where the restaurant was, which to me is crazy as I was under the impression that taxi drivers were good at finding places and knew exactly where there were going. I think a lot of them are so transfixed by modern technology, such as sat navy, that they can't read ordinary maps and couldn't find places on their own. Don't they have to learn what they call 'The Knowledge,' as London taxi cab drivers have to? Or doesn't that apply outside London? Anyway, we started ordering, basically because Carol is diabetic and her blood sugar levels were all over the place. We generally eat a good deal earlier so by the time we actually got our order it was gone 7 o'clock. I have to say I wasn't impressed by Byron, who claim to serve 'proper burgers.' Nothing particularly special about any of the food and the service was virtually non-existent. Considering there were very few other customers in there was really no excuse. For over £9 for a burger it was very over-priced and I'm sorry to say I would not recommend this restaurant. The rest of the party began to break up and went off to a pub, but by then, around 8.45, Carol and I were drooping somewhat so we headed off home. It was a pleasant  enough evening and it looks as if they might do something again and on a more regular basis. At one time they used to meet up at the Cricketers Pub in Oldbrook on a Friday evening but nothing similar for a long time.

When we got home the dogs were cross with us as we'd gone out without feeding them and Alfie in particular doesn't seem to like being left along in the house. Having fed them we went up to the bedroom and there was a text on my mobile, which I hadn't thought to take with us to the restaurant, as I suppose I should have done. I don't have an obsession with mobile devices as most people seem to do, but as it was from Chloe, Carol decided to ring and it turns out that she had the baby, my first grandchild, at 6 o'clock this morning. A healthy boy, to be named George Arthur, and weighing in at something like 10 l.b.! Typical that on the ONE EVENING we decide to go out, the baby arrives! We'll have to wait a while, probably a week or two, to drive to Worcester, to see the new arrival.
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