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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Howling Gale and Getting Dark

I'm writing this at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I don't usually write this blog so late in the day, but why not break a habit? I suppose it's because I have something to write early in the morning. I don't altogether like it when the clocks change in October. I don't particularly enjoy the winter, although I enjoy Christmas. Dark evenings and getting up in the dark. And today there's the howling gale.  Storm Barnaby. Or so I'm told. Why have they started giving storms names? The first one last week was called Abigail or something. It seems they are to be alternately female and then male. But what on earth is the point of giving it a name in the first place? In America they give hurricanes names. So why do we have to copy everything that America does? And if we must have names for storms, can they have better names? Barney just makes me think of that awful mauve dinosaur thingy that used to be on television. Awful. Barney just doesn't suggest a storm of any magnitude to me at all. And what are they going to use for the next batch of bad weather? Camilla? Perhaps not. Cathy? Dennis? Edith? Fred? Gladys? Harold? Anyway, the wind is getting far stonger and at this rate the fence the opposite side of the garden to the side that got blown down last winter looks as if it' going to land up the same way.
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