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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Boiler Dies . . What Next?

It was no good believing it was going to last for long. The boiler had been on for most of yesterday, and by the time we went to bed it had given up and there was the red light flashing away and the confounded thing wouldn't re-start. I have telephoned the engineer who came out yesterday, but unfortunately, he can do nothing without the landlord's permission! So the house is once colder and no sign of it being warmed up until things are resolved with the boiler. I have left a message on the landlord's voicemail and I don't expect to get any sort of answer until he comes into work later this afternoon. We drove over to Bicester this morning. Carol had been looking at cameras after the Olympus she had was damaged some while ago. We went back to the camera shop and have bought a camera for her birthday (which is at the beginning of March.) It's a Ricoh camera along with a bright orange case for it and it seems rugged and should withstand fairly rough treatment, but I suggest she doesn't use it when we are out with the dogs because it was Alfie, our Yorkshire Terrier, who caused the other camera to get dropped when we went to Rushmere country park some while ago. He does get quite excited and jumped up when he saw the strap on the Olympus camera, no doubt thinking it was his lead.

The weather has been really cold and wet as we drove out towards Bicester. After buying the camera, we went into Costa for hot chocolate and then into Sainsbury's in Pioneer shopping centre for some shopping before heading back to the car and home to Milton Keynes via Buckingham.

At around 4.30 I got a telephone call from our landlord to inform us that he is going to have to replace the boiler. He has someone coming tomorrow to have a look at the old model so that he can give a quote for a new boiler. He now tells me that we're not likely to have any hot water and heating again until at least Monday at the earliest as it will take until then to have a new boiler installed. So we are shivering and doing without baths, showers and being able to wash up, making do with a very small electric heater on in the lounge. Oh well, at least, it is being dealt with and we should eventually have a better, newer boiler to replace the clapped-out model we currently have to contend with.
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