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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Gasman Came to Call

''It was on a Tuesday morning, the gasman came to call . . .' to misquote the famous Flanders and Swann comic song. Infact he came well before 9 o'clock and part-way through the morning a second man arrived. We had been informed by our landlord that he had a second company coming, at around 10 o'clock, so I was wondering what would happen when they arrived. It turned out that the second set of workmen didn't materialise. I also had to cope with the landlord phoning every half hour or so (it probably wasn't so often, but it did seem so.) to see whether they had arrived and what they were doing and to be kept up-dated about progress. They went off twice to buy parts and eventually we were told that the boiler was working. We were then told that it might not work for long. Also, that it might need replacing or at least have more parts replaced. So, we have to have a second visit because the workmen still need to do a safety check so we have the annual certificate (which we should have received ages ago.) We await our landlord's decision as to whether he needs to replace the confounded boiler with a brand, spanking new one or have only the necessary new parts installed. The excitement is too much and we just can't wait but it is great to at least have hot water and a warm house again.
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