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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Murder Investigation Continues

The police are still very much in evidence around Eaglestone at the moment, following the shooting of someone in Osprey Close a few days ago. According to the Milton Keynes Citizen newspaper, a man of 33 has been charged with murder and is to appear today at the Magistrates Court. There are police in dark clothes and wearing blue rubber gloves working along the grass verges searching for evidence, although I can't see why if they have someone in custody and charged with murder.  Yesterday was refuse collection day, as it is usually, but none of the rubbish that was put out, by myself and every other household in Golden Drive, has been collected. I presume it must be something to do with the  on-going investigation, with the possibility that there might be evidence in any of the rubbish. Unfortunately, the Council is going to have to remove it soon as it is going to cause all sorts of health and hygiene problems, what with cats, rats, and birds splitting the bags of rubbish open. I just hope it's going to be cleared in the next couple of days.We have a lot of crows and magpies in this area which have a tendency to pick at any sort of rubbish and as a result tear open rubbish bags.
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