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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Murder Investigation

It's not often I get mention some 'big' news story in my blog posts. If I do, and there's some sort of local connection, it's usually miles from our home, but this current incident happened merely 200 yards from our front door. Osprey  Close is one of the roads leading off Golden Drive and one of the routes we might take if we go for a walk with our dogs on our way into Eaglestone Park. The police are currently going from house to house interviewing residents in the area of the incident. It turns out that someone was shot in the early hours of yesterday morning. Someone living in Osprey Close reported a disturbance at number 12 and later the 'suspect' ran off. As I write this, and as reported on the B.B.C. Breakfast local news, someone was in custody as a 'suspect.'  The 'incident' is being covered quite comprehensively by the local media. As we went out early this morning, we could see the Police vehicles were still parked along Golden Drive and the blue tent was still in place on the grass near Osprey Close.

With all this excitement going on so close to home, it's difficult to concentrate on other matters. The weather has been exceptionally warm for the time of year over the past couple of days, making sleep difficult at night. As we walked over to the Academy this morning, there was a mist laying over much of the Milton Keynes landscape. But as I write this (at 8.30 a.m.) much of this mist has burnt off and the sun is shining. It's likely to be yet another scorchingly hot day.
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